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Neviana Maleyko

It's time to find yourself again, to understand your emotional language and finally find freedom.

Your nervous system along with your heart and brain are at the center of your healing and success. Becoming emotionally mature, understanding your unique system and bringing safety to your body will bring radical changes at the core of your being. Resulting in great benefits in your personal life, parenthood and even business.

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Feel safe in your body again. Your symptoms are your messengers not the enemy.

It's time to find yourself again, to understand your emotional language and finally find freedom.

"Inside you there is magic you don't know about"

Our talents, passion, love, hopes and desires get buried deep within the chaos of a hectic life when we don’t feel our best. This resonates all too well with me as I, too, knows the pain of feeling disregulated, traumatized and emotionally immature. Getting closer to self-discovery, understanding my resilience & finding ways to regulate my nervous system has been the biggest gift I have given myself, my business and the most important people in life. 

Today, my specialization lies in helping women find emotional relief from unresolved stress, trauma, and related symptoms, particularly focusing on their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

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"Grateful I am to have chosen you to learn and grow from. To hear your kind, loving voice in my head brings me great joy. My wish for you is continued success in all aspects of your life. An abundance of joy, amazing visions and ultimate health for you and your family. Thank you for all that you do to give the world Hope...Love and Kindness"


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Jupiter, Florida, USA

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